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Most of us are all returning from summer vacation and the time has come to transfer all the photos from your digital camera to the computer. Why not polish the photos a bit before putting them online. This is a wonderful time to discover the jAlbum photo editing tools. This blog post will just give a quick intro to the rotate tool.

If you are selling (or hope to soon be selling) your travel photos to the publishing world, don't forget images that also represent the idea of travel. Depending on flight connections, you can be sitting around in an airport for hours doing nothing. Why not try to get some candid shots that show movement, and the feeling of air travel? These types of images sell well; you can often find them in travel trade publications such as AAA and the like.


Have you ever wanted to have the look and feel of a real photo album for your online photos? Just like the one standing in your bookshelf with pictures that were taken before you bought a digital camera. With the PageFlip skin you can. This flash-based skin lets you view your photos like a photobook, with one photo on every page.

The PageFlip skin is created by alt from the limited freeware version of the flash software at

P.s. If you're longing for the smell of newly printed paper and the feeling of holding your very own book with photos, don't forget about our printing partner Blurb. We love them, and hope you do too. D.s.

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