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Browse, share and
create stunning web
albums on the go

Easy, remote access to many of the features of jalbum.net. The app takes advantage of the iPhone 4 high-resolution screen, displaying photos with 4 times the pixels than previous versions. The power of jAlbum, in your pocket.

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It's free – enjoy.

Create album

Create stunning
web photo albums

The jAlbum iPhone app lets you create web photo albums from anywhere you can find a 3G or WiFi connection. Albums are automatically added to your jAlbum home page. You can update any album made with the Online version of jAlbum. It works with any skin. Creating stunning web photo albums have never been more snappy.

Upload album

Upload photos to existing customized photo albums

Any album created with the online jAlbum version can be updated with the iPhone app. Upload photos from your photo library or take a snapshot with the built in camera.

Explore albums

Explore spectacular albums from the jAlbum community

View your own albums or user-submitted photos, conveniently listed in Featured, Popular and Recent albums.

Like albums

'Like' your favorite albums

Track your friends album updates and likes.

Track Jalbum activity

Track your friends activity

Track your friends album updates and likes.

Share your album

Easy sharing

Share albums by either sending a link in an e-mail or copying it to the clipboard. Paste the link in a text message, Twitter or on Facebook.

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  • Create album

  • Browse albums

  • Share album

  • User profile

  • Search albums

  • Track activity

iPad screenshots

  • Create album

  • User profile

  • Browse and share albums

  • Track friends activity