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Current: Galleria Light
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    Galleria skin

    Style Dark · Light

    Galleria lets you present your photos in a professional way, and is still very easy to use. The skin comes with two style variations, has support for widgets and runs on any site.

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    Happenings skin

    Style Baby · Party · Wedding

    An event-based skin with 3 styles at the moment.

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    Matrix skin

    Style Arizona · Black on Silver · Blue on Beige · Blue on Black · Blue on Red · Blues · Coffee · Custom · Firebrick · Gold on Black · Goldenrod · Gray on Blue · Gray on Orange · Green on Black · Green · Icy · Indigo · jAlbum · Mint · Pinks · Pumpkin · Red on Black · Royal · Silver Screen · Teal · Wedding Gold · Wedding · Yellow on Moss · Yellow on Red

    Based on the Highslide JS thumbnail viewer. * Provides a simple, clean visitor interface, with navigation options and thumbnails presented in a consistent style. * User control over the Highslide JS background-dimming effect, image captioning, image positioning, borders, controlbar overlay. * Allows extensive control over captioning options (titles, comments, filenames, EXIF info, tooltip popups, image count, "New" label). * Allows extensive control over appearance and positioning of controlbar (prev/next, slideshow, move, and close icons). * Optional slideshow feature. * Option to include a sliding thumbnail strip on the enlarged image page. * Configurable link to external page, configurable uplink from main page, selectable jump link from deeper folders to main index. * Allows the user to choose any color combination, or to use one of several predefined styles. The ability to use custom colors makes the skin easy to integrate into an existing website. User may also apply background image/texture files to the pages, and insert a logo image at various locations on the page. * Allows the user to apply drop-shadow borders to thumbnails and/or enlarged images using simple GUI controls. * Allows the user to select a font and a "fallback" font family, and to select font size, weight, style, and variant for each design element. * User-configurable language support. * Image filters for watermark, grayscale, fixed-shape, zoom. * Copyright notice, meta description, W3C validation icons, support for multiple headers and footers. This skin is based on the Highslide JS image viewer, which is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 2.5 License. Highslide is free for non-commercial sites but for commercial use, a license must be obtained. Please go to http://highslide.com for further information.

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    Turtle skin

    Style Dark · Light

    Turtle is a one-page skin, which use dynamic effects, like cross-fading.

  • Chosen

    Photostack skin

    This skin presents your pictures as a virtual stack of photos. It uses the flash software at http://www.twelvestone.com/forum_thread/view/15182?offset=0. The software is a bit old, but it is still useful. Features: - Integrates the Flash Photo Stack software into JAlbum. - Optionally supports a directory tree. - Optionally supports parent linking. - Optionally supports help menu. - All text have been localized and stored in the "texts" directory. - experimental: add iTunes and Media Server support (see NOTES.media_server for more info)

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