Add images or edit an existing album

Want to add pictures or make changes to an existing album?
Read on.

  • Open an existing album

    Start jAlbum software and choose: File -> Open recent album project -> Your album.
    Your album pictures will appear in the main window in jAlbum.

  • Make changes

    Make any changes you'd like. Here are some examples:

    • Add images by either drag and drop onto software or by using the "Add" button.
    • Change the order of pictures by draging and dropping them into place.
    • Add captions to pictures by first double-clicking a thumb to open Edit view, and then enter it below the image.
    • Edit an image by double-clicking a thumb to open Edit view, and then use jAlbum image tools in the right column.
    • Change the thumb to represent your album by right-clicking an image thumb and choose "Use as album thumbnail"
  • Publish the updated album

    Hit the Publish button to update your album. jAlbum will only upload the changes to your album, nothing else.

  • You're done! What's next?

    If you were signed into jAlbum software when making the album, it will automatically be updated on your page. Your contacts will also be notified about the update. Use the Share functions on your Albums page to spread the word about your work.