Publish your first jAlbum

Ready to create your first jAlbum? It's easy, we'll show you how:

  • Start jAlbum software

    After downloading and installing jAlbum software, you should find an icon with our frog mascot Dor in your application/programs folder or on your desktop. Double click it to launch jAlbum.

  • login

    Sign in

    Simply sign in with the same username and password you entered when you signed up on

    If you don't have an account you can still use jAlbum, but you will need your own site to publish an album. Also, you are missing out on a bunch of neat stuff (why sign up page) such as Widgets (widget page).

  • Add photos

    Drag and drop images or folders with images from your computer to the big empty area in jAlbum. You can also use the “add” button in the top left corner. jAlbum will ask for an Album name and album description. Tell the story of your album and click ok.

  • Choose a skin

    Skins are templates that add graphics and functionality to your album. Select a skin for your album in the skin select box. Most skins come in different graphical flavours called styles. Pick a style in the style select box, to create the look you want.

  • Prepare your jAlbum for the web - Make album

    Push the Make jAlbum button and jAlbum will scale your images for the web (without touching your orginals) and make your jAlbum.