jAlbum tutorials

Integrate jAlbum with your website or blog

If you published a jAlbum we present two options of inserting it into your website or blog.

Psst! Don't forget to add the jAlbum Blog Badge to your blog.

  • Insert an iframed jAlbum in your website

    To manage this you need to modify the HTML code of your website.

    Find a nice place for your jAlbum to be displayed. Insert this code:

    <iframe src="your_username.jalbum.net/album/index.html" width="800" height="800"></iframe>

    Modify the src="" attribute to fit the link to your jAlbum. Have fun.

    Sample site after integrating an album. Click to see working!

  • Insert a jAlbum in a Wordpress blog

    Anders at Popcore has written an excellent tutorial on how to do this.

    Create a new textfile, and insert the following text in it:
    <?php /* Template Name: photoalbum */ ?>
    <?php get_header(); ?>
    <object data="http://your_username.jalbum.net/album/index.html"
      width="600" height="2500" id="gallery" name="gallery"> 
      Your browser could not include this object </object>
    <?php get_footer(); ?>

    You of course have to put in the correct URL for your jalbum files instead of jalbum.url. Save this file as photoalbum.php in yourwordpress theme folder.

    Read the complete tutorial here: popcore.dk/2009/07/05/integration-of-jalbum-in-wordpress-part-2