Download and use more jAlbum skins for your albums

Have you tried creating an album and want to expand your views by creating something truly unique? Let's go.

We have gathered all the best skins, created from the jAlbum community at

In this example we will download and install the Galleriffic skin

  • Visit the Galleriffic skin page

    Visit the page Here you can see some information about the skin, visit a sample album and start the skin download.

  • Download and install skin

    Click the "Install skin" icon. This will open a download window. You can choose between "Open" or "Save" your skin when it is downloaded. Choose "Open" to install.

    note: You might get a Security warning from your Anti virus software. This occurs when you download files from the Internet. Handle it the way you see fit.

  • The install begins

    When the skin has been downloaded to your computer. It will automatically launch jAlbum software.
    A popup window appears "Selected skin(s) will be installed into jAlbum". Click "Ok". After install a confirmation window appears: "Skin installed and ready to use".

  • Choose an album to decorate

    Open your latest album project from jAlbum top menu "File" > "Open Recent Album project", or create a new one.

  • Use your skin

    Use the "Skin" drop box to choose "Galleriffic".

    Click the Make album button, then see how it looks like with the Preview button. Hit Publish to upload the changes to the Internet.