Adding widgets to your album

So, what are these jAlbum widgets all about?

  • widgets

    The short story

    • Widgets are little tools that are displayed in the bottom of your album. This is what it looks like
    • Widgets require that you sign in when using the jAlbum software
    • Widgets work on any site. Yes, yours too.
  • Before we start

    Before adding widgets, you need to publish an album first.

  • Let's get started

    Sign in ( to your jAlbum home page and click your "Albums" tab.

  • Pick your widgets

    Find an album that you want to add widgets to. Click "Manage widgets" and you'll see a list of available widgets for you. Check the box of the widgets you want to add. You can uncheck widgets at any time.

  • Done? Yes, it's that simple!

    Visit your album by clicking the thumbnail or the link to your jAlbum. Widget(s) should appear in the bottom of your album.

    Go back to your Albums page to manage your widgets in the future. Have fun!