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When you advertise with jAlbum you'll get access to our community of highly engaged photo enthusiasts and hobbyists. jAlbum offers a broad service with many advertising options for customized, targeted or general campaigns.

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Our visitors

The jAlbum community attract professional photographers, serious amateurs and creative hobbyists. Our community users focus on domestic photography in landscape and events and spend alot of time managing and sharing photos. Most community members are between 25 and 45 years old. 75% are men and 25% are women.


jAlbum users mainly reside in Europe and the US.


Top 10 Cameras among jAlbum users all are priced $800 or higher.

  1. Canon EOS 400D DIGITAL
  2. Canon EOS 40D
  3. Canon EOS 350D DIGITAL
  4. NIKON D80
  5. NIKON D300
  6. NIKON D40
  7. Canon EOS 20D
  8. Canon EOS 450D
  9. Canon EOS 30D
  10. Canon EOS 5D

Traffic stats

Active jalbum app users: 1 500 000/month

Active community users: 460 000/month

Community Page Views: 2 840 000/month

User photo album Page Views: 10 500 0000/month

Google page rank: 9/10 — one of the 150 highest ranked sites in the world!

Advertising possibilities

Banner advertising on

Leaderboard: 728 x 90

Skyscraper: 120 x 600

Medium rectangle: 300 x 250

Full banner: 468 x 60

Square button: 125 x 125

Big square button: 200 x 200

Banner and sponsor advertising in photo albums

Sponsor link in widget bar, Banner in widget (180x150, 234x60)

Promotional/Branded campaigns

If you have a photo related product or service we want to talk to you! The same goes if you are creating a really impressive skin or plugin with the jAlbum application API.

We can promote your creation in our Newsletter, Blog or through Site editorial.