A javascript based single-page album skin with transition effects, slideshow, map, shopping cart, background music and many more.

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Turtle forum

Use Name|http://mysite.com format to have a named link



Sample album

http://laza.jalbum.net/Thailand 2010/

1.5.1 12 Mar 2011 (current)

Bugs fixed:
- "Method insert( int, java.lang.String ) not found"

1.4.2 12 Jan 2011

- Direct photo links changed from picture number to photo name, in order to keep links pointing to the same photo even after adding new ones. Read more about this change in the Turtle forum, see "Internal links have changed using the filename instead of picture number!" sticky

- Album thumbnails now shows up on community sites like Facebook. Works with sharing from the album list, the Share widget and straight from the Turtle albums
- Empty page beyond "Splash depth level" and "Auto start" is off

1.4.1 12 Jan 2011

New features:
- Slideshow automatically starts when requested and no folders found in the current album level (previously it was working only when the page was beyond the Splash depth level)
- Handling the new "hiRes" images (resized to cca. 3 MPx)
- Keyboard is enabled on the popup window (Where to go next?)

- Wider window for the facebook 'Like' button to have enough space for the translated versions

- In certain HTML caption templates while the skin tried to remove the empty HTML constructs it removed important tags too. Was no problem with the default template though.

1.4.0 12 Jan 2011

New features: 
- Google Analytics code automatically inserted if you add the Site ID on the Turtle settings panel 
- Option to disable mouse wheel navigation (can be useful when embedding the album into another page) 
- Added Right click protection option 
- Updated Korean translation 

- Empty HTML tags now got stripped from captions (in case of empty comments, etc.)

1.3.9 12 Jan 2011

- Fixed jQuery 1.4.4 (the underlying javascript library) to handle the thumbnail scroller properly. Also the animations supposed to run smoother. 

*** I have introduced a new bug, which is just a wrong letter case in a file name, so it's not a new version just a minor change. Please install the skin again if you've downloaded it before 2010-11-15 02:00 AM CET. Sorry guys! ***

Skin features

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Link to support (forum). Use Name|http://www.myserver.com/ format to have a named link.

Home page URL

Absolute path to the homepage of the skin. E.g http://www.myserver.com/theskin/.

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Skin file

In jAlbum choose Tools > Skin Developer > Pack as .jaskin to compress your skin into a .jaskin-file.

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Version notes
Minimum JAlbum version

For example "6.0", "7.0", "7.0.3"...

Skin file

In jAlbum choose "Tools > Skin Developer > Pack as .jaskin" to compress your skin into a .jaskin-file.