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from Björn Fant

Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipisicing elit, sed do eiusmod tempor incididunt ut labore et dolore magna aliqua. Ut enim ad minim veniam, ...


2 hours agoRe:Re:Mirage Error 4

from Anders

I looked around on the forums, & finally figured out that there was something glitched in my old album, so I had to start all over again & remake it. That fixed the problem. Thanks so much for the re ...

3 days agoRe:Re:Re:Re:adding music to photo albums 7

from Nick

thanks a lot!! i`ve got it :) ...

22 days agoVendégkönyv probléma

from karolyzs

Szia! Nem bajlódnék az angollal és a fórumokkal, megköszönöm, ha így is válaszolsz.. Most próbáltam feltenni vendégkönyvet. Úgy látom, a beírás működik is - pedig nem gondoltam, hogy egy [...]

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28 days agoRe: RemoteFSException error 2

from David

I've been using this for a while now, & I love it. I just updated Mirage, & tried to update my album. I keep getting an error message: "info.cqs.remotefs.RemoteFSException: [...]

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1 month agoAbout the guestbook

from Davidponce

Hi .. you can try my older version of the guestbook at, and you might see that those chars work there. Hope you can find whats wrong, as i want to update the script :) Kind [...]

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3 months agoRe:Support 3

from Lesley

Hi Laza ! You gave me a lot of appreciate help here I only need one more information in order to finish my galery, can you help me one [...]

3 months agoOptimizing jAlbum for Google Search

from MrPitBull

Don't know if this is a jAlbum or Chameleon issue: If instead of referring to the images as "Slides" they were called "Pictures", this would help with Google image searches. Instead of the folder be [...]

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4 months agoRe:Re:Re:Guestbook/Server issue 7

from Daniel

That would be great Laza! I love the skin and as a matter of fact it seems to be the only one that enables you to use Digibug easily. THAT is a plus for me. The layout is also very clean and easy to n [...]

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5 months agoRe: Chameleon 2

from Dhina

Thanks Laza for taking the time and trouble to reply in the forum. Much appreciated. I hadn't realized you can put more than one space-separated variable in the XP Comment field like that. (That wa [...]

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